when i miss you.

because i love you so much more than you can even imagine.

I dont think you will ever read this but i just want to tell you that

i have decided to ignore you. and i very very badly want to talk to you, you wont understand how much i want to talk to u because you definitely dont feel the same. 2 days ago, you hurt my feelings very badly. things you said that hurt me very badly,

1. you said you dont want to talk to me again.

2. you said that you have better more important things to worry about than me.

3. you said that i need to give you space.

4. you said that i am obsessed with you.

all these things really really hurt me. when the next day i saw you, you dont understand how much i wanted to just forget all the hurtful things you said and just give you a hug, but i didnt want to do that because you will say im obsessed with you. and why are you hugging in front of your friends? just to show them that everything is fine between us and nothing is the problem? and why didnt you say anything to me in the car? because between us, your ego gets in the way? and why have you still not called me? because you dont care. i always want you in my life eventhough you hurt me very bad.

you said you want space, then take all the space you want because if you dont call me in 6 days then im sorry baby its over. this time i mean it.

for my birthday.

i want you to wake me up at 12am with a muffin which has a candle on it. i want you to kiss me and wish me happy birthday. and tell me you love me. there. i have said what i want.